Pink Toile Dress

I think I originally chose this pattern because of the sleeve, which, instead of having to be set, is actually combined with the bodice into a single pattern piece. It seemed like little work to create a kind of complicated-looking dress. I also liked the skirt: it’s hard to tell from the photos, but there is a large yoke, flat panels in the front and back, and then gathered sections on the sides.




Pattern: Butterick 6946, I’m guessing from the 50s.

Obviously I was going for something shorter than the actual pattern. But I think I probably cut it TOO short. AGAIN. One of these days I will make something that I can actually wear to work.


Fabric: pink toile

Pink Toile Dress

The trickiest part was the collar. It was not completely clear to me how exactly the piece was supposed to fit with the back of the dress – I used my best judgement – and then ironed it like crazy. Also unusual: the zipper starts about halfway down the back of the dress instead of at the neckline.


With a belt.


How I will probably wear it.

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