Dance Party Dress

So… disclaimer: this dress is… a bit much. And not something that I would usually wear.

I recently purchased Famous Frocks—a book of patterns for recreating the iconic looks of the movie and music industries’ leading ladies. Inspiration dresses range from Bette Davis’s low-backed gown to Madonna’s corset and tutu.


The Diana Ross dress

I decided to begin with a simple one—and by far the easiest was the Diana Ross-inspired number. Plus, the sequined fabric I happened to have lying around (yes, really) just BEGGED to be made into it.


Beautiful cranberry sequined fabric

And how did it repay me? By ruining a pair of scissors. RUINED I say. Serves me right for talking to the fabric. Ahem. Anyway, I ended up with a crazy dramatic dress:

Diana Ross inspired dress

Final result.

The reviews for this book on Amazon tend towards lukewarm. But from the perspective of someone who really has no idea what she is doing and mostly just wings it (see scissors and sequins), I actually really liked this book (at least for this project). I found the directions to be clear and easy-to-follow, and particularly appreciated the glossary in the back.


Another angle. Yep. Still looks a Disney Princess at a disco.


Hmm page boy at Medieval Times?


Built in sleeve storage! No purse necessary. Nor lunchbox.

Seriously though… someone find me an 80s dance party. Fast.

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